Welcome to Redding Country Cabins and Farm. We are conveniently located midway between New York and Miami in the fabulous foothills of western North Carolina. The fertile land of the area has been owned and lovingly cared for by generations dating to the royal land grants of the 1700’s. We have for years been one of the world’s finest suppliers of high quality, organically grown live plants and extracts. Our diverse product line also includes a wide variety of collectibles, plant books, custom wreaths, dry flower arrangements, and handmade quilts. Our specialty, however, lies in growing wild mushrooms, goldenseal, and other powerful plants and carefully nurturing them with organic nutrients and water from a pure artesian spring.
During the spring of 1893, a family of Scottish Highlanders moved into a new log cabin overlooking a bold natural spring. Their home sat on one of the long, rolling hills that cover the Appalachian Valley. Richard and Sarah Redding, along with their children James Thomas (J.T.) and Parks, were part of the Redding clan who originally settled in this area of Wilkes County before the revolution of 1776. The family farm was part of the Land Grants awarded in the 1700’s. Sarah Redding found many wild plants growing along the streams and on the hillsides of the farm. She learned of the healing properties of certain plants from her mother-in-law Mary Walker Redding, who in turn, had learned of plant medicine from the Cherokee Indians who lived in the area. With the health and wellbeing of her family in mind, Sarah began to cultivate plants such as Bee Balm, Boneset, Mountain Mint, and Mullein.

J.T. spent his entire life here on the Redding farm. He passed away in September of 1994, shortly cabinsbefore his 109th birthday. He often told of how his mother “knew just what plants to use for a particular ailment.” His life of near perfect health is a testament to his mother’s knowledge of landscaping and love for her family. Although all of the people who lived in that log cabin are now gone, the plants planted over a century ago still flourish in the surrounding areas.

In 1989, cultivation of plants resumed when Lynn, decided to pursue her interest in medicinal plants and dried flowers. Lynn is a registered pharmacist, and shares the same love for her family and the land as her husband’s great-grandmother. Lynn spent many long spring and summer evenings that year tending the first crop of plants and flowers to be produced on the Redding farm in nearly 100 years.

In September 1993, Lynn gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy, Parker Thomas. In October of 1995, she was blessed with another baby boy, Sawyer Michael. Her sons now enjoy a lifestyle even more plentiful than their great- grandfather, J.T. they play in the same fields, drink the same spring water, and benefit from their mother’s love and knowledge of medicinal plants. Her son’s lives are enhanced by the technological advances of the past 100 years. However, Parker and Sawyer’s distinct advantage is that their life is a product of the souls, lives, and unconditional love that combine to create our heritage here at Redding Farms.